In a display of unity and dedication, Deputy Minister for the Public Service and Administration, Dr Chana Pilane Majake, and Deputy Minister in the Presidency for Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation, Ms Pinky Kekana,  embarked on a joint government service delivery outreach to Deelpan in the North West Province. This initiative comes as part of their ongoing efforts to address the aftermath of the devastating floods that struck the area in 2022 and provide support to the affected community.

During their visit, the Deputy Ministers assessed the progress made in the wake of the floods, focusing on key interventions and initiatives. Notably, significant strides have been made in constructing 103 houses to provide shelter for those affected by the floods. Efforts are also underway to improve water and sanitation facilities, ensuring that the basic needs of the community are met. In addition, agricultural projects have played a pivotal role in alleviating poverty in the area. To address disrupted healthcare services, a temporary structure has been established, with plans for the reconstruction of the clinic already in motion.

Recognizing the importance of sports in schools, increased attention is being given to school sports activities in Deelpan. Furthermore, a community library has been established to provide access to educational resources for the local population.

Accompanied by officials from multiple government departments and entities, as well as provincial and local leaders, the Deputy Ministers engaged with the affected community and Traditional Leadership to gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of the floods on the lives of citizens and businesses in the area.

The officials that accompanied the Deputy Ministers included the Mayor of Tswaing Local Municipality, Cllr Norah Mahlangu, Head of Department for North West Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr Mokotedi Bole, Commissioner Nomahlubi Kwinana from the South African Human Rights Commission, Dr Kefiloe Masiteng from the United Nations South Africa, Ms Dimakatso Malwane, the MMC for Corporate Services in Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality, Ms Ntsetsao Motsumi, Member of the Executive Committee for Education in North West, Ms Busiswa Sityi, District Director in the Provincial Department of Social Development, and Paramount Chief Molete representing the Tribal Authority.

Their joint efforts have resulted in significant progress in the area of sustainable human settlements. Recognizing that the wetland on which Deelpan village is situated is unsuitable for human habitation, alternative land has been identified for the construction of houses. Guided by the Deputy Ministers, the Housing Development Agency (HDA) has played a crucial role in completing the 103 houses, which are now ready for occupancy. Plans are also underway to secure additional land for approximately 400 residential sites.

The delegation also addressed the substantial damage to road infrastructure caused by the floods. Short-term interventions, such as road improvements, culvert cleaning, and the provision of drinking water, have been implemented by the Department of Public Works and Roads in collaboration with the Deputy Ministers. However, financial constraints have posed challenges for long-term interventions, including the upgrading of internal roads. The department is actively seeking funding from the National Department of Transport and Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs to address these infrastructure needs and ensure successful project implementation.

Another critical concern addressed during the visit was providing reliable water and sanitation services. With the collaborative support of both Deputy Ministers, the Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality (NMMDM) has been entrusted with ensuring the supply of safe drinking water to the community. Efforts are underway to drill boreholes and install communal taps to enhance water accessibility. Plans for sanitation infrastructure are also being developed to address existing challenges.

The delegation also had the opportunity to assess the progress of several key projects in Deelpan. One such project was the Reatlegile Home Community-Based Care Organisation, which provides essential services to children affected by HIV/AIDS and is funded by the Department of Social Development (DSD). The delegation commended the advancements made by this organization in delivering crucial support to the community.

The recently launched Deelpan Clinic, offering 7-day Primary Health Care services, was also a focal point of the visit. The delegation inspected the clinic and evaluated its impact on healthcare provision in the area.

The visit also included two sub-projects aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture, improving food security, and enhancing educational resources. The first sub-project focused on poverty alleviation initiatives, while the second involved the establishment of a library facility at Ramadiane Primary School. These projects were assessed to gauge their progress and evaluate the positive impact they have had on the community, particularly in terms of agricultural development and educational resources for students.

At Badibana Secondary School, the delegation witnessed a vibrant display of national pride through the showcasing of the National Flag. Additionally, they were treated to a captivating cultural group/choir performance by the talented students.

The visit aimed to evaluate the advancements and impact of these projects in Deelpan, thereby highlighting the government’s commitment to community development and efficient service delivery.

While the visit by the Deputy Ministers showcased the progress made in addressing the aftermath of the Deelpan floods, it also shed light on the ongoing challenges that require continued collaboration among various government departments and entities. Both Deputy Ministers expressed their unwavering commitment to working closely with stakeholders and the community to address the remaining issues and ensure the complete recovery and development of Deelpan village.

The joint efforts of Deputy Minister Dr Chana Pilane Majake and Deputy Minister Ms Pinky Kekana exemplify the collaborative approach different ministries adopt in their pursuit of sustainable development and effective service delivery. Their visit to Deelpan showcased the government’s commitment to actively engage with communities, evaluate project progress, and overcome challenges through collective action. By working together, they aim to create a better future for the people of Deelpan, safeguarding their well-being and prosperity, and ensuring that no one is left behind.