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Govt implements Batho Pele revitilisation strategy


Government departments at both national and provincial spheres are being urged to implement the Batho Pele revitilisation strategy.

This follows a circular issued recently by Public Service and Administration Director-General, Ms Yoliswa Makhasi to all Heads of national and provincial departments.

The Director-General said the operationalisation of the Batho Pele policy remains a key priority of the government as it promotes citizen-centred service delivery.

Ms Makhasi said Public Service and Administration Minister has the legal mandate to set norms and standards relating to any matter to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the public service and service delivery.

Since the government’s adoption of the White Paper on Transforming Public Service Delivery (WPTPSD) in 1997, public service delivery transformation programmes have been citizen centered.

“The WPTPSD, commonly known as the Batho Pele policy, requires public institutions to prioritise the needs of citizens; substantively put citizens at the centre of service delivery and policy-making; ensure that all citizens have equal access to quality public services.

“The DPSA has embarked on a process to re-design, strengthen and revitalise the Batho Pele implementation approach in an effort to improve the operationalisation of the Batho Pele policy,” she said.

According to the Director-General, this resulted in the development of the Batho Pele Revitilisation Strategy (2022) that has been approved by Cabinet in March earlier this year.

The strategy, she said, enables public institutions to develop and implement context-specific Batho Pele standards in line with national minimum standards for Batho Pele.

“National and provincial departments are required to align their new processes, policies and procedures with the Batho Pele Revitilisation Strategy.

“Departments are welcome to contact the DPSA directly should they require further information on the implementation of the strategy,” she said.