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Govt departments urged to follow GEPF Exit Procedure


Public Service and Administration Director-General, Ms Yoliswa Makhasi, issued a circular to all national departments and provincial governments to give guidance to Human Resource practitioners regarding the GEPF Exit Procedure.

This is to address the government departments’ failure to follow the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) Exit Procedure that is creating backlog at the Government Pension Administration Agency (GPAA).

”It has come to the attention of the DPSA that when departments submit exit documents to GPAA, they submit them with errors, late or sometimes do not submit them at all.

“This delays the termination process and creates backlog at the GPAA, while the affected pensioners suffer financially and emotionally,” said Ms Makhasi adding that the GEPF Exit Procedure is also intended to supplement the work done by GPAA on how to complete the required exit documents.

Employer duties in the event of a retirement

  • The employer must identify all employees who will reach retirement age 60 and 65 within the next 12 months by printing a Persal report.
  • Employer must conduct a pre-retirement workshop by the department’s HR practitioners, that in the departmental workshop, the HR practitioner needs to emphasise that those who have monies in the GEHS ILSF should first inform GEHS of their exit in order to not delay the termination process.
  • Verify the employee’s periods of pensionable service; verify the employee’s contact details and alternative contacts details; explain what additional documents must be submitted (certified unabridged birth certificate, certified copy of any relevant divorce order.
  • Explain to the employee the nature of any debt owed by the employee to the employer and that the employer may request that the debt be recovered from the pension benefits if still owing on the date of exit;
  • Explain and assist with the completion of relevant forms; and
  • Inform employees to attend pre-retirement workshops conducted by the GEPF.

Exit Forms

The employer must ensure that the following forms are available in the workplace and are the most recent versions:

  • Z102 Exit form Fund form;
  • Choice form for reduced annuity in favour of spouse;
  • Z894 updating of Bank Particulars form;
  • Z864 updating Personal Particulars of Member form;
  • Department liability debts form;
  • WP1002 Nomination form; and Z583 Continuation of medical assistance.