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Invitation for public comments on Public Service and the Public Administration Bills


The Department of Public Service and Administration has extended an invitation to interested parties to submit written comments on the proposed Public Service Amendment Bill 2021 and the Public Administration Bill 2021 before the deadline.

The draft Public Service Amendment Bill seeks to amend the Public Service Act, 1994 to provide for the devolution of administrative powers from executive authorities to heads of the department; to augment the role of the Director-General in the Presidency to support the President.

Furthermore, it seeks to provide for a mechanism to deal with the recovery of overpayments of remuneration and benefits; to clarify the role of the Public Service Commission in respect of grievances; to clarify the role of the President and the Premier in respect of the appointment and career incidents of heads of departments.

On the other hand, the draft Public Administration Management Bill seeks to amend the Public Administration Management Act, 2014 to further provide for the transfer and secondment of employees.

Again, it seeks to provide clarification regarding the prohibition against employees doing business with State; to provide for the establishment of the National School of Government.

The Bill will also provide for the removal of employment disparities across the public administration; to provide for the co-ordination of the mandating process for collective bargaining in the public administration.

Published on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 for public comments and consultation for a period of 30 days, the two Bills are also available on the department’s website: http://www.dpsa.gov.za/legislation.php.

According to the department, all enquiries and inputs should be forwarded to Sinoxolo.Vena@dpsa.gov.za, Amukelani.baloyi@dpsa.gov.za and renisha@dpsa.gov.za.