The Chairperson of the Committee, Mr Tyotyo James

The Parliament Portfolio Committee on Public Service and Administration on Wednesday, 11 September 2019 received a briefing from the Public Service Commission (PSC) on the evaluation of effectiveness of the Performance Management and Development System (PMDS) in the public service.

The PSC conducted an evaluation of the effectiveness of the PMDS in the public service using selected national departments as part of the case study.

The Chairperson of the Committee, Mr Tyotyo James, in a statement said whilst some departments reward individuals and managers for their performance, it must be a fair process that takes into consideration performance agreements and operational plans, and therefore mechanisms must be available for incumbents to be able to engage with moderating committees at their respective workplace when disputes arise.

“In instances where there is non-performance by managers and departments, there must be consequence management,” he said.

Mr James said in terms of the reconfiguration of national government, this has to be done to cut any wasteful expenditure and with the merging of some departments, “it must be reiterated that no jobs will be lost.

“Public servants including, and up to the level of Directors-General, may be transferred to another department or entity in connection with Section 14 of the Public Service Act in the public interest.

“The Department of Public Service and Administration is commended for not incurring costs for outsourcing or using consultants for the reconfiguration of government, and instead are using a team of experts from within the department,” he said.

Mr James said government must, at all times take public servants into its confidence, and keep them abreast about progress and all developments in the reconfiguration process.