South Africa’s public servants across national and provincial departments will receive a 4.7% salary increase effective 1 April 2024. According to the announcement by the Minister for the Public Service and Administration, Ms Noxolo Kiviet, the wage increase applies only to non-Senior Management Service (SMS) employees who are public servants on salary levels between 1 and 12.

According to Minister Kiviet, the decision on the 2024 wage increase considered several factors, including the current economic climate and the imperative for fiscal restraint.

“The Government had counterbalanced these with the need to prioritise fair and competitive compensation for public servants to attract and retain talented individuals dedicated to serving the nation.

“This decision aligns with the commitment to affordable and accessible public services while recognising the hard work and dedication of public servants,” said Minister Kiviet.

The Minister said a cash increase would help alleviate the challenges public servants face in their personal lives and emphasised that monetary rewards are just a part of the broader effort to ensure that the Public Service becomes an employer of choice, such as opportunities for personal development.

“As the government progresses towards professionalising the public service, it remains dedicated to supporting the professional development of public servants through investment in training and capacity-building initiatives.

“The decision to implement a 4.7% salary increment reflects the Government’s commitment to fair compensation and the provision of quality public services. The Government appreciates the hard work of public servants and will continue to prioritise their well-being,” Minister Kiviet said.