Minister for the Public Service and Administration, Ms Noxolo Kiviet

Minister Noxolo Kiviet, the Minister of Public Service and Administration (MPSA), has emphasized the importance of collaboration in all aspects of public service, highlighting its pivotal role in achieving the objectives of the framework for the professionalization of the Public Service.

Minister Kiviet’s commitment to collaboration was evident during an imbizo, where public servants gathered to discuss critical aspects such as the professionalization of the Public Service and the Public Service Wage Bill.

The imbizo, attended by public servants from Mpumalanga, featured an insightful presentation by Mr Peter Giyani from the Office of the Premier, who provided an overview of the province’s readiness to implement the framework. The provincial government’s projects focused on collaborating with the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) to identify necessary actions for establishing an effective, capable, and ethical public service that is free from corruption.

Discussions also centered around ensuring compliance with norms and standards, utilizing DPSA reporting tools for HR planning and performance management, and developing action plans aligned with the five pillars of the framework.

In line with these efforts, the Office of the Premier in Mpumalanga has developed the Provincial Program of Action (PPOA), encompassing the five pillars of the framework and a collaborative working document with the DPSA. Progress has been made in adopting Competency Assessments and the Nyukela Certificate as prerequisites for appointing senior management service (SMS) employees. In addition, employee suitability checks during recruitment and comprehensive training initiatives have been highlighted as important steps forward.

Director-General of the Department of Public Service and Administration, Ms Yoliswa Makhasi, commended the Province for its swift implementation of the framework, emphasizing the need to tailor the MPSA directive and the framework to the provincial environment for effective implementation.

Minister Kiviet stressed the significance of the framework, highlighting its alignment with the objectives of the National Development Plan 2030, which serves as the guiding blueprint for achieving a prosperous society.

The Minister encouraged collaboration among government departments, emphasizing the collective effort required to professionalize the Public Service. She said: “It is not isolated action that will bring about the Professionalization of the Public Service but a conglomeration of action from various role players, with each being monitored on time to ensure they fulfill their part.”

The imbizo provided a crucial platform for public servants to engage in discussions regarding the professionalization of the public service and the public service wage bill. The commitment to collaboration and comprehensive action underscores the government’s dedication to realizing a professional and accountable public service that benefits all citizens.