Public Service and Administration Minister, Ms Noxolo Kiviet

Leave no one behind!

Public Service and Administration Minister, Ms Noxolo Kiviet and Dr Chana Pilane Majake, the Deputy Minister for the Public Service and Administration expressed their expectations and aspirations during the MINEXCO meeting held on January 16, 2024, at the Batho Pele House Building. The meeting aimed to provide an update on the department’s performance, strategic planning, international engagements, and partnerships among other matters.

In her opening remarks, the Minister emphasized the importance of implementing the mandate given by the governing party and acknowledged the upcoming busy year as the governing party seeks a renewed mandate. The Minister stressed the need for timely implementation of the President’s pronouncements that are made at the State of the Nation Address (SONAS) and highlighted the importance of high-quality work from senior managers.

The Deputy Minister echoed the sentiments of the Minister and emphasized the significance of implementing the government mandate. She called for officials to understand and fulfil their roles for the department to succeed and expressed that failure on the part of the government is ultimately the failure of officials, as they are responsible for running the state. The Deputy Minister encouraged everyone to make the most of the remaining months of the 6th administration to fulfil their mandate.

During the meeting, the DPSA Director General, Ms Yoliswa Makhasi, presented the department’s performance for the third quarter of the 2023/24 fiscal year (October to December 2023). Out of 24 targets, the department achieved 20, while 4 targets were not met. The Director General acknowledged the areas of improvement as highlighted by the Auditor General (AG) and said the Annual Performance Plan (APP) had been revised based on the AG’s recommendations. The revised document was submitted for approval in December.

The Director General provided insights into the progress made in the department’s youth development programs, governance structures, international engagements, and upcoming commitments. She also touched on the staff profile and the department’s efforts to promote gender equality, inclusivity, and diversity.

Key matters discussed during the meeting included the review of the Integrity Management Framework, the Integrated Service Delivery Improvement Policy, and labor relations issues. While progress had been made, the DG indicated that certain targets might not be achieved by the end of the financial year.

Finance matters, including travel expenditures, compliance with payment periods, and the absence of irregular, unauthorized, fruitless, and wasteful expenditures, were also addressed. The Director General emphasized the importance of risk and ethics management, fraud prevention, business continuity management, and internal audit processes. The department’s commitment to assessing and improving financial and operational controls, as well as risk management controls, was highlighted.

The Director General concluded by announcing the upcoming strategic planning sessions. These sessions will serve as platforms to assess the department’s performance, identify priority areas, and engage with staff, labour representatives, and external stakeholders.

The Director General’s Overview for MINEXCO provided a comprehensive overview of the department’s performance, challenges, and plans. It underscored the DPSA’s commitment to fostering a capable and ethical public service and working towards the growth and development of South Africa as a whole. The Minister and Deputy Minister expressed their expectations and urged officials to fulfil their responsibilities to achieve the goals set forth by the governing party.