Minister Noxolo Kiviet at the OGP

In an address at the 2023 Open Government Partnership (OGP) High-Level Roundtable held in Tallinn, Estonia on Thursday, the Minister for the Public Service and Administration, Ms. Noxolo Kiviet highlighted the importance of open government principles and the promotion of citizen participation.

The two-day summit, hosted by the Estonian Government on September 6-7, brought together  Heads of State, government representatives, civil society leaders, and policymakers from around the world.

Minister Kiviet commenced her speech by emphasizing the significance of South Africa’s Constitution in safeguarding democracy by ensuring openness, accountability, transparency, and responsiveness, and how the combination of these plays a vital role in protecting the rights of citizens.

Referring to South Africa’s commitment to open government, Minister Kiviet mentioned that the country joined the Open Government Partnership in September 2011 “and cemented working with civil society to enhance transparency, accountability and to ensure we intensify the fight against corruption.”

To this commitment, the Cabinet adopted the National Plan of Action, which aims to realize the aspirations of open government.

Underlining the importance of citizen participation, Minister Kiviet highlighted the establishment of ward committees at the local government level. These committees stand as a strong commitment to engaging the public in decision-making processes.

Additionally, the Minister stressed that the establishment of the School of Government aims to equip civil servants with the necessary skills and empower them to address the challenges faced by government and communities.

Reiterating the government’s dedication to open government principles, Minister Kiviet referenced President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Presidential Imbizos as an expression of the government’s commitment to taking the government to the people and ensuring that government leaders are held accountable by the citizens.


The South African delegation to the OGP Global Summit comprised Deputy Minister Philly Mapulane from the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT), Director-General Ms Nonkqubela Jordan-Dyani of DCDT, Mr. Willie Vukela, Deputy Director General of the Government Services Access Information (GSAI) at the DPSA, alongside other senior government officials.

Minister Kiviet’s address at the 2023 OGP Global Summit echoed South Africa’s dedication to promoting open government, transparency, and citizen participation. By collaborating with civil society, fostering a culture of transparency, and implementing policies that emphasize accountability and responsiveness, South Africa continues to pave the way for a more democratic society.