DPSA’s awards organisers: from left to right are Mr Asaph Madimetja Chuene, Ms Tshianeo Ravhura and Mr Khuliso Dzhivhuho.

The first edition of the International contest of social anti-corruption advertising awards will take place at the South African State Theatre, Pretoria on Friday November 22, 2019.

The competition, organised by the Russian Federation, is aimed at developing a zero tolerance within society for all forms of corrupt activities.

Mr Asaph Madimetja Chuene, the organizer from the Department of Public Service and Administration, said they want to honour twenty finalists who entered the competition through the prestigious awards at a national level before it closed earlier this month.

According to Mr Chuene, at the ceremony, they will recognize top three winners from two categories (the Best Poster and Best Video) will take home prizes, while two winners will travel to Moscow, Russia on 09 December 2019 to represent the country at the final awards ceremony.

“We are using this competition for strengthening relationship between the public and anti-corruption institutions,” he said adding that contestants were allowed to use English or their indigenous languages for the competition with subtitles on video.

South Africans from all ethnic groups aged 14-35 were eligible to enter the contest with the theme “Together Against Corruption” by designing a poster or developing a video raising awareness about corruption or reflecting on their attitude towards corruption.

The participating States are the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries and members of the Interstate Anti-Corruption Council namely Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, and Tajikistan.