Frequently asked questions

Q: I have applied for ILSF Withdrawals and I have not received my savings?

A: The ILSF withdrawal process takes approximately 2 months once processed by the department on PERSAL/oracle/persol. The employee needs to consult with the HR department after the two months have passed and the payment does not reflect on the payslip.

Q: I was transferred from another department now I am a homeowner and have applied for the withdrawal of my savings. Why did I only receive the savings from my current department?

A: The systems are currently to interfacing with one another during transfers. The HR from the new departments needs to communicate with the HR from previous department to request a last pay certificate from and the benefits must be reinstated if they fell away during the transfer.

Q: What is a code to convert previous home-owners from the old code of R900?

A: 0664 on PERSAL function 5.3.13

Q: Do employees who resigned or dismissed qualify to withdraw ILSF savings?

A: No, they forfeit the savings according to the resolution 7 of 2015 and determination and directive on housing allowance of 2018.

Q: I was employed in 2016 and was not informed that I need to apply for Housing Allowance, as a result I don’t have savings to withdraw?

A: According to chapter 2 of the determination and directive of housing at 8.1 of 2018, An employee shall start to receive his or her housing allowance on the employee’s pay date in the month he/she submits his or her signed application, including the correct documentary proof required’’. You only receive the housing allowance from the month you complete and submitted a fully completed housing application form with all the relevant supporting documents to HR.

-No backdate is possible as the employee did not apply

Q: I was transferred and my housing allowance does not reflect on my payslip?

A: The new department needs to re-instate the housing allowance guided by the last pay certificate and the transferred files of the employee.

Q: Will my savings start from scratch when transferred?

A: The savings will continue and will be withdrawn when they acquire home ownership.

Q: What happens to the savings if the employee passes away without nominating beneficiaries?

A: The savings will go to the estate of the deceased.

Q: I was informed by my HR not to apply for my saving as it will be saved automatically

A: Nothing is automatic, employees need to apply for the housing allowance in order for them to contribute to the ILSF.

Q: Can I withdraw my savings without enrolling?

A: Enrolment is mandatory for withdrawal and access to all benefits of GEHS. Failure to enrol will result in employees forfeiting their saving should they pass away in-service, retire or contract expire.

Q: I have applied to withdraw my savings when I am getting paid?

A: Employees need to first check with their HR if the withdrawal was processed on PERSAL, then if 2 months have passed, HR needs to follow up with us if everything was done correctly on PERSAL and 2 months have passed without getting paid.

An email needs to be send to Tshilidzi to enquire on the progress of the withdrawal.

Q: Can you please send me the schedule for my department?

A: All departments must have group-emails that the schedules can be sent automatically from National Treasury monthly whenever they have withdrawals. Ask them to send the group email to be sent to NT.

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