The Public Service Sector Education and Training Authority (PSETA) held a Research Colloquium yesterday that was addressed by the Director General of the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA), Ms Yoliswa Makhasi.

The event aimed to foster meaningful discourse, collaboration, and solutions to the pressing challenges faced by South Africa.

In her keynote address, the Director General emphasised the transformative power of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and the need for the public service sector to adapt to its demands.

She highlighted the importance of acquiring digital and technological skills, as well as fostering soft skills like critical thinking and collaboration.

She stressed the significance of lifelong learning and the role it plays in keeping public servants abreast of emerging trends and enabling them to respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities presented by the 4IR.

“By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, the public service can enhance efficiency, transparency, and service delivery, ultimately benefiting the people of South Africa,” she said.

She further emphasized the importance of research in public service and the pursuit of knowledge in shaping a brighter future for South Africa.

“There is a need to anticipate and adapt to rapid technological advancements, prioritize sustainability within the workforce, and address the prevailing unemployment crisis, she said.

She emphasized the significance of building state capacity within the South African Public Service sector and mapping jobs, occupations, and qualifications.

The DG called for collaboration, innovation, and sustainability to create a prosperous and harmonious future, leveraging the collective wisdom and talents of diverse individuals.