The Department for Public Service and Administration (DPSA) held an Interns Retreat that brought together interns from different branches within DPSA to exchange ideas and discuss concerns in the workplace. The Director-General, Ms Yoliswa Makhasi, led the retreat and highlighted the significance of engaging interns and listening to their thoughts as they contribute to building a better public service.

The engagement gave the interns a platform to share their experiences, raise awareness about areas that need improvement, and brainstorm solutions to challenges. It also highlighted the importance of interns’ contributions towards transforming the public service.

During the retreat, interns presented their innovative ideas and projects that focused on improving public service and ending the high rate of youth unemployment. The projects included creating applications to aid in shortening queues at service delivery points and a Red Flag Detection System proposal to assist public service ethics officers in detecting false financial disclosures or missing information from staff. The presentations allowed interns to showcase their talents and innovative ideas that can contribute to a more efficient and effective public service.

Interns expressed their appreciation for the retreat, which gave them insight into the public service sector’s workings and a glimpse of their future contribution to the industry.

“The retreat gave us a platform to express the kind of government the youth of South Africa would like to see in the near future,” commented Vaaltyn Mampshika, an intern based at the Public Administration Ethics, Integrity, and Disciplinary Technical Assistance Unit (PAEIDTAU).

While encouraging some to rework their proposals, DG Makhasi said, “I want to congratulate you all on your inspiring presentations while emphasizing the significant role that young people play in shaping the future. Your contributions towards positive change in South Africa are essential, and we must value them. You have the power to change history, as demonstrated by the young people who were the driving force behind the June 16 uprisings in 1976.”

DG MakhasI said that the retreat illustrates the significance of organizations recognizing the importance of youth and nurturing young talent.

DG Makhasi said that the retreat underscores how the public service sector can play a pivotal role in providing opportunities and platforms for the growth and development of young people.