On 18 and 19 May 2023, the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA), with the assistance of the Strengthening Ethics and Integrity Program (supported by the Canadian Government), conducted two one-day training sessions on discipline management for provincial departments in Mpumalanga.

The two one-day training sessions were attended by more than 600 representatives from the provincial departments.  The sessions addressed numerous themes, such as the role of Labour Relations Officers and Managers in the disciplinary process, precautionary suspension, formulating charges and managing the appeal process.  This initiative aims to capacitate departments to address case backlogs and long overdue suspensions including supporting Labour Relations Officials to perform effectively and optimally.

Over the next few months, the Public Administration Ethics, Integrity and Disciplinary Technical Assistance Unit (PAEIDTAU) will proceed with several initiatives on Discipline Management, as part of implementing the recently approved Discipline Management Strategy.

This initiative includes the development of a two-day training program to strengthen chairpersons and initiators in the appeals process and to pilot it. The initiative is aimed at addressing the case backlog in provincial and national departments and establishing a panel to assess long overdue suspensions. It also aims at reviewing and improving the pool of Labour Relations Officers available to assist with complex cases and to adopt a Determination on Precautionary Suspensions for the Senior Management Service.

These initiatives will strengthen the discipline management culture, build capacity in the Human Resource community, raise awareness on gender and inclusivity consideration, and decrease the cost incurred by long overdue suspensions.

PAEIDTAU is receiving direct assistance from Government Affairs Canada, through the Ethics and Integrity Project (SEIP), performed by Cowater International.

The PAEIDTAU is mandated to provide technical assistance and support to departments across all spheres and government regarding the management of ethics, integrity and disciplinary matters.

Adv Matilda Shaku is the Director of Discipline Management at the Department of Public Service and Administration.