Deputy Minister Pilane Majake addressing members of the community at the unannounced visit in Kayamandi

The Deputy Minister for Public Service and Administration, Dr Chana Pilane-Majake, conducted a pre-Presidential District Development Model (DDM) unannounced visit today in Kayamandi in the Western Cape.

The Deputy Minister started her unannounced visit at the Kayamandi clinic which is faced with huge challenges. It is the only health centre in the area servicing a population of 50 000 and manages up to 300 patients daily. The clinic has 12 clinical staff members and 4 cleaners.

The clinic faces challenges of staff shortages, inadequate tools of trade, and lack of infrastructure maintenance. This causes further operational challenges such as inadequate filing space, ineffective filing system and retrieval of patient information, ineffective dispensing of medication especially prepared chronic medication and long waiting times.
The Deputy Minister said innovation needs to be introduced at the Clinic to use available government resources like Community Works Practitioners, EPWP workers and community volunteers.

“Motivating and changing staff attitude through appropriate training would also be beneficial towards ensuring patients are satisfied, and restoring the trust in government services,” the Deputy Minister said.

The second visit was at the Kayamandi Police Station. One of the major service challenges at the Police Station is the absence of a fully-fledged Police Station. The satellite police station has only two police personnel serving a population of more than 500 000. The satellite requires some serious attention including tools of trade, security, cleaning services, bed and personnel for the trauma centre. The storeroom will need some clearing as well.

The main challenges are cleanliness, staff shortage, lack of energy alternatives, and a good operational environment. All cases recorded are referred to Stellenbosch Police Station for processing.

The Deputy Minister said the interim solution to the problems at the Police Station will be to foster good relations with the local community and Councillors, obtain a generator to offset load-shedding, and encourage street forums to fight local crimes.

The challenges discovered during the unannounced visits will be referred to the relevant departments to be addressed as part of the principles of the District Development Model to come up with long-term solutions.