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DPSA DG’s Message to young public servants on Youth Day, 16 June 2022!

Public Service and Administration Director-General, Ms Yoliswa Makhasi

To the heroes of today and tomorrow, to the energies that define the now and the future. May you have a productive day, and take some time to reflect on your journey as a young person in service of the people and your contribution to improving the lives of citizens. Furthermore on your journey becoming to adulthood.

The now and future of our nation depends upon you – the young. As you commemorate or celebrate June 16 throughout youth month, I implore that you commit yourself to becoming responsible members of society and public service; as well as work for the country’s development and brighter future.

Let us cheer to the cheerful years and chase the unattainable. Best wishes to our nation’s young brains and minds and young public servants. May you always shine bright!