The nomination process for the 2019 Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) Public Sector Innovation Awards is open.

These awards recognise successful and effective service delivery improvement projects and initiatives that have been achieved through the application of innovative approaches, methodologies and tools.

Innovation sought by CPSI involves the application of new ideas, which results in benefits through cost-savings, efficiency improvements and new products or services, using technology and other solutions, which may involve process adjustments, culture change, institutional change or management development.

The CPSI awards do not award projects that have been achieved through the application of standard procedures and approaches.

Public Service and Administration Minister Senzo Mchunu said: “we seek to celebrate the successes of individuals, teams and entire institutions, in the quest for a more effective and accountable government.

“We are looking for the creative initiatives, projects that reflect ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and individuals who have been prepared to take risks and go against the tide to a certain extent, with the overall aim of improving services that are delivered to the public.”

The newly reviewed awards categories are also aligned with the seven government priorities.

The closing date for the awards that seek to respond to the imperatives of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has been extended to 30 September 2019.

Entries are invited for the following categories:

Innovative Solutions Reducing the Cost of Delivering Services

• This category rewards those who are faced with the challenge of “doing more with less”, thus being able to demonstrate how innovation contributes to the alleviation of budgetary constraints.

Call for Public Sector Innovation Ambassadors, Champions and Trailblazers

• The emphasis of this category is to identify innovation ambassadors who are actively entrenching the culture of innovation in the public sector.

• They do this by developing in-house capacity to solve problems or by empowering others to innovate.

Citizen-focused Innovations

• This category celebrates the innovative use of ICT and non-ICT solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery at the coalface.
• The emphasis is on the interface with citizens and what has been done to make their experience of government pleasant, hassle-free, effective and efficient.

Innovations harnessing 4IR Solutions

• This category includes the use of frontier technologies such as Blockchain, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and new ways of leveraging big data that can significantly improve service delivery.

Inquiries and request for forms should be sent to Mmabatho Mashaba (0126832814) or Khaliphile or (0126832841). Online entries can be submitted via