Programme 5: Government services, access and improvement

Programme 5: Government services, access and improvement

Purpose: Manage and facilitate the improvement of service delivery in government.


  1. Management: Service Delivery Support – provides administrative support and management to the programme.
  2. Service Delivery Planning and Operations Management – manages Public Service delivery planning and operations management through service standards, delivery models and standard operating procedures; and designs toolkits and instruments that support improved service delivery.
  3. Service Delivery Improvement Initiatives – manages and supports continual service delivery improvement mechanisms, programmes and initiatives across the Public Service.
  4. Community Development and Citizen Relations – facilitates and coordinates the implementation of community development programmes, and manages citizen relations through service delivery improvement forums.
  5. International Cooperation and Stakeholder Relations – manages, coordinates and promotes the implementation of International Cooperation programmes, the African Peer Review Mechanism programmes, including the Open Government Partnership project.
  6. Batho Pele Support Initiatives – manages service delivery complaints and assists departments in designing service delivery charters with citizens and communities. This sub programme promotes the professionalisation of government employees through change management programmes that institutionalise Batho Pele principles.
  7. Centre for Public Service Innovation – facilitates transfer payments to the Centre for Public Service Innovation, which unlocks innovation in the public sector and creates an enabling environment for improved and innovative service delivery through activities targeted at capacity development.

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