Programme 2: Human resources management and development

Programme 2: Human resources management and development

Purpose: To develop, implement and monitor human resource management policies.


  1. Management - provides for the administrative support and management of the programme.
  2. Human Resources Planning – manages and supports the implementation of human resource planning and employment policies, frameworks, systems and practices.
  3. Public Service Leadership Management – provides a leadership and management framework for the senior management service to ensure good governance of the Public Service through a professional management echelon
  4. Office of Standards and Compliance – as established in terms of Public Administration Management Act, 2014 and the functions of the Office are to:
    1. evaluate the appropriateness of norms and standards
    2. promote and monitor compliance with minimum norms and standards determined by the Minister in relation to public administration management;
    3. conduct capacity and functionality audits of skills, systems, processes and advise on capacity building initiatives and
    4. develop and implement an early warning system to detect public administration non-compliance.

Department of Public Service and Administration