Deputy Minister for the public service and administration

Deputy Minister for the public service and administration

Dr Chana Pilane-MajakeDr Chana Pilane-Majake has a wealth of experience and expertise. She held various leadership positions and have significantly contributed to public service and administration in South Africa.

Dr Pilane-Majake previously served as Member of Parliament for the Republic of South Africa and Deputy Minister for Public Service and Administration. She was re-appointed to the same position on the 5th August 2021.
Before she was appointed Deputy Minister, Dr Pilane-Majake held the position of Parliamentary Programming Whip for the National Assembly that was preceded by her position as Executive Director at VIP Consulting Engineers, Chief Executive Officer for Commission for Gender Equality, a Chapter Nine Institution in terms of the Constitutions of the RSA, Consultant and Programme Officer for the European Union and a Lecturer at the University of the North and University of Natal respectively.

Dr. Pilane-Majake holds a Doctoral Degree from the University of South Africa, a Masters Degree from University of Natal (now part of the University of Zululand), a Bachelor and Honours degree from University of the North and a Diploma in Development Studies from Stanford University, California, USA.

Apart from her professional achievements, Dr Pilane-Majake has made significant contributions to the community. She is a founding member of several schools for children with disabilities, demonstrating her commitment to inclusive education.
Dr Pilane-Majake has served on various boards in pursuit of political, economic, and social development in South Africa and globally. She has also participated in numerous and diverse sub-regional, regional and international platforms representing South Africa(SADC, AU, UN, OECD, BRICS, G20,COMMON WEALTH etc)
Dr Pilane-Majake is a family, women, children, human rights and administration specialist with a tint of legal background. She has published several articles and contributed to the development of frameworks for women and gender equality training manuals.

Throughout her career, Dr Pilane-Majake has remained committed to political and social transformation. She has been an active member of the African National Congress (ANC) since her student days, working closely with ANC structures and organizations such as the South African Black Social Workers Association an affiliate of UDF.
In Parliament, Dr. Pilane-Majake has served on various committees as Chair and Whip including the Justice & Constitutional Development, Correctional Services, Committee for Women, Youth and People with Disabilities, ad Hoc Committee for Code of Judicial Conduct (For Judges), Constitutional Review Committee, Public Enterprises Portfolio Committee, Ethics Committee, Multi-Party Women's Caucus Committee, NA Speaker’s Programming Committee, Cluster Whip for Peace & Stability, Chief Whips Forum and Strategy Committee for the ANC.

Department of Public Service and Administration