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DPSA Director-General welcomes yet another clean audit


The Department of Public Service and Administration Director-General, Ms Yoliswa Makhasi, welcomed the clean audit attained by the Department for 2021/22 financial year from the Auditor-General.

A clean audit means that the department complied with all relevant rules and regulations governing Financial and Performance information. The department has throughout the year under review implemented proper internal controls to manage performance and financial information.

The Director-General said it was heart-warming to receive yet again an unqualified audit opinion with no findings as it demonstrates that the Department is on the right track with its efforts to improve its financial controls.

“The department’s audit opinion has improved from the previous year’s 2020/21 unqualified findings to unqualified without findings.

“There has been an improvement in the audit outcomes for financial statements, performance information and compliance with the laws and regulations. Furthermore, in the internal controls relating to policies and procedures,” said Ms Makhasi.

The Director-General added that the department has also implemented adequate controls for IT governance and that the Auditor-General found no material weaknesses identified with implementing IT Governance Framework for the period under review.

Information Technology system controls in relation to IT service continuity, User access management on Basic Accounting System (BAS), Logistical Information System (LOGIS) and Domain controller were adequately designed and implemented effectively.

In its 2021/22 Annual Performance Plan, the department had 25 annual targets of which 20 were achieved as ot the end of March 2022 resulting in an 80% achievement.

The five (20%) targets that have not been achieved were a result of delays in the consultation processes on the amendment bills, delays in the procurement processes for service providers for the development of the Job Evaluation System and the Personnel Expenditure Review as well.

One of the key deliverables for the year under review included the amendment Bills for the Public Service Act and the Public Administration Management Act, after public comments were received both Bills needed to be processed for further consultations at the Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council (PSCBC) and the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC).

“The Department will ensure that during the next financial year, the Public Service Amendment Bill is finalised and submitted to Cabinet so that the objectives of the Act are realised.

“With regard to the Public Service Amendment Bill, I am closely working with all stakeholders involved to ensure the consultations in both NEDLAC and PSBCC are finalized,” the DG said.