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Overtime rates adjusted in the public service


Public Service and Administration Acting Minister, Mr Thulas Nxesi approved the increase in overtime rates which is not linked to the adjustment rates of general salary increases in the public service space.

Minister Nxesi has in terms of section 3 (5) (a) and 5 (6) (b) of the Public Service Act, 1994 as amended that the maximum basic salary for purposes of the calculation of overtime be adjusted from R299 709 p.a to R316 791 p.a with effect from July 1, 2019.

The adjustment of the night shift allowance has been adjusted from R4.97 per hour to R5.20 per hour with effect from April 1, 2019.

According to Acting Director-General, Ms Linda Dludla, the expenditure resulting from the adjusted tariffs and allowances must be met from current departmental budget allocations in terms of National Treasury approval dated March 30 2022.

Pay for ordinary work on a Sunday

If an employee is required to work an ordinary shift on a Sunday, the Executive Authority must pay the employee for such ordinary on a Sunday by multiplying the employee’s basic salary by 1.5 x the employee’s basic salary.

The category of staff concerned is shift workers who in terms of their shift rosters have to perform their ordinary work on a Sunday.

If the shift worked by the employee falls on a Sunday and another day, the whole shift is deemed to have been worked on the Sunday, unless, the greater portion of the shift was worked on the other day, in which case the whole shift is deemed to have been worked on the other day.

Pro rata additional pay will be paid to an eligible employee commensurate with the hours the employee has worked provided that the period of absence has been approved by the supervisor/manager. According to the circular, the might allowance of R4.00 per hour, will be revised annually with effect from April 1, 2015 and based upon the CPI for the previous year.

The night shift allowance will be paid to the eligible employee in line with the employee’s stipulated monthly pay date. Should part of the shift hours fall within the defined night period (between 19:00 to 07:00) the next day or 18:00 to 06:00 the next day), the employee will receive the night shift allowance for such hours.

A pro rata night shift allowance will not be paid to an employee who has been granted leave of absence, but should the value of the night shift allowance exceed the value of the personal shift allowance, the personal shift allowance will cease to exist.

Commuted overtime

Employees receiving commuted overtime pay and excess overtime hours in the Health and Social Development sector, remains the same. Compensation for employees who are, due to the nature of their work, required to remain on duty during their meal intervals shall where required, be determined in the respective sectoral bargaining councils.