Frequently asked questions

Q: Why am I currently flagged as a Public Servant on the Central Supplier Database for Government, even though I am not currently employed in any Public Service department or Municipality?

A: There can be several reasons for this:

  1. Dormant employment record
    1. You may have been appointed previously for periodical type of work, e.g. as an Examiner annually assisting with marking of Final exam papers. This appointment may not have been terminated formally by the relevant department.
    1. Verify your employment status in the Public Service, using the Public Servant verification online tool available on the DPSA website https://www.dpsa.gov.za/resource_centre/psverification/. Enter your South African Identity Number and click on the Verify button. The department where you have an active employment record will display. Contact the relevant department to address the matter and ensure that your employment record is updated on the Personnel system accordingly.
    1. If you were previously employed in a Municipality, you need to contact the relevant Municipality to address the matter and ensure that your employment record is updated accordingly.

  1. Effecting resignation late

Your resignation may have been effected late by your department on the Personnel system. You will continue to be flagged as a Public Servant up to 10th of the month following your resignation date.

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