Minister Mchunu congratulated the incoming new Public Sector Trainers Forum Advisory Committee Members

Minister welcomes new Public Sector Trainers Forum Advisory Committee Members

The Minister for the Public Service and Administration, Mr Senzo Mchunu, welcomed the new Public Sector Trainers Forum Advisory Committee Members at the 20th Public Sector Trainers Form (PSTF) in Midrand yesterday.

Speaking at the 20th PSTF conference with the theme “Enabling Vision 2030 through HRD: Training and Development for Socio-Economic Impact,” the minister said training interventions should have a meaningful socio-economic impact because citizens have a legitimate expectation to receive quality services.

“The ‘Khawuleza’ clarion call, spearheaded by the President of the Republic, will indeed need public servants at all levels to be energised and purposeful in instilling a sense of revival and optimism across the nation through their caring and diligence in serving our people.

“As trainers and HRD practitioners, you are better positioned to influence and support the delivery of services with speed in the spirit of ‘Khawuleza.’” the Minister said.

“We need to emphasise the pivotal role and centrality of trainers and other HRD practitioners in the realisation of a service-oriented and efficient Public Service.

“The sporadic service delivery protests engulfing the country are indicative of communities’ dissatisfaction with social services.

“In this regard, trainers and HRD practitioners, in general, can make a meaningful impact through purposeful training and development interventions to capacitate the Public Service and close the trust deficit between the state and citizens.

“A confluence of myriad factors and forces have conspired to increase the trust deficit. The scourge of corruption, in particular, that has engulfed both the private and public sectors, has dominated the public discourse for many years since the dawn of democracy.

“The public needs to be assured that we aim to adopt a zero-tolerance to corruption in all its manifestations,” he said.

Minister Mchunu said it is important for public servants to acquaint themselves with the governance systems and practices that guide their conscience for optimal performances of their responsibilities.

“In this regard, the government looks upon the National School of Government to capacitate and professionalise the public sector.

“We have a huge task to institutionalise integrity, transparency, accountability, and responsiveness because the erosion of good governance, accountability and consequence management in public institutions has to be addressed head-on.

“The NSG suite of programmes, which include ethics and good governance courses will be of great assistance,” the Minister said.

He said as part of the training of policy developers, the NSG should also assist in the training of DGs and Ministers. “However, for the NSG to play this role meaningfully, it must transform itself to win hegemony and occupy the public space within the constellation of Public Service trainers.

“Trainers have to empower themselves and be grounded in Batho Pele principles and values and have a firm conceptual grasp of the South African Constitution as a founding document that articulates the principles that guide public administration”.

The Minister congratulated the incoming Advisory Committee Members and thanked the members who served in the previous term.