National Batho Pele Excellence Awards

National Batho Pele Excellence Awards

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1. Background

The MPSA launched the NBPEA in November The Minister for Public Service and Administration (MPSA) launched the NBPEA in November 2013 as an improvement effort in the performance of public servants and an effort to ensure a professional and productive public service that delivers.

The awards programme will promote sharing of best practices, learning, rewarding good performance and gauge citizen satisfaction towards government performance.

2. Purpose

The purpose of the National Batho Pele Excellence Awards is to entrench the professionalisation, recognize, reward, acknowledge and encourage excellence in the public service and make sure it matures to greater heights.

3. Theme

The theme for the 5th National Batho Pele Excellence Awards 2017 is "Batho Pele – Putting People First"

4. General Criteria

  • Excellence in service delivery improvement in the particular area of operation.
  • Individuals or Government institution is committed and implementing the ethos of Batho Pele principles.
  • Must demonstrate principles of good governance and leadership.
  • Demonstrate tangible service delivery improvement to citizens accompanied by customer satisfaction.
  • Further demonstrate tangible impact of the service towards service beneficiaries as well as improving organisational performance.
  • The project must be fully operational, sustainable, and lessons must be easily replicable.

5. Rules and Guidelines

  • Submissions must be stapled and not bound for easy perusal.
  • Submissions must preferably be in English language.
  • Hand written submissions are not encouraged.
  • Submissions must be hand delivered to the address below not later than the 31 August 2016.
  • Submissions can also be entered online via the DPSA website (
  • Prizes are not transferrable.
  • Incomplete submissions will unfortunately not be considered.

6. Adjudication process

  • A multi-disciplinary and independent team of adjudicators will judge the process.
  • The adjudicators’ decisions are final.
  • Where necessary nominees will be contacted for verification either through email, telephone, face to face interview or site visit.

7. Contact Details

To enter the awards programme, please hand deliver the completed form with all supporting documents to:

  • Batho Pele House
    546 Edmond Street

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