2nd rutanang session

HR capacity challenges in the public sector : DPSA venturing out-of-the-box

Date: 26 Aug 2005

Venue: CSIR International Convention Centre - Pretoria

Introduction & background

As the custodian of the Human Resource policies and practices in the public sector, DPSA must formulate these policies in line with the needs and changing dynamics of the public service. As such the department must be at the cutting edge of new innovative HR practices and development, whilst at the same remaining embedded in changing dynamics peculiar to today's public service. The questions that beg for answers are:

  • Are we sufficiently 'venturing out-of-the-box' in developing these policies?
  • Is there a case for revolutionary thinking around our policies?
  • Are we revolutionary enough?
  • To what extent are we embedded?

This Rutanang session will provide an opportunity to stimulate debate on these issues. The DG will give a strategic overview of the current thinking in transforming the HR regime in the public service, and outline the challenges and requirements posed by the developmental state in this regard. Partners and stakeholders in the non-governmental, public entity, and private sectors will also present an alternative perspective.

The session, it is hoped, will provide us as the department with a fresh thinking and perspective and empower us as we move ahead in making our HR policies and practices more relevant and implementable.


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