Meeting of the steering committees on Human Resource Management and Development with National departments, Offices of the Premiers and government components 2010

Date: 12 Aug 2010 - 13 Aug 2010

Venue: Burgers Park Hotel, Pretoria


As the custodian of human resource management and development norms and standards for the Public Service nationally, the Branch: Human Resource Management and Development established an HR Learning Network to serve as a dedicated avenue for regular interaction and co-ordination with national departments, offices of premiers and government components.

The meeting will serve as a forum to-

  • discuss noteworthy developments expected in human resource management in the Public Service during 2010
  • communicate and debate specific new policy initiatives by the DPSA's Branch: Human Resource Management and Development; and
  • analyse the implications for departmental human resource components

Theme and programme

The theme for the event is "YEAR OF ACTION: OUTCOME 12"

The programme entails that a plenary session be held first during which matters of a transverse nature will be discussed. This will be followed by two separate break-away sessions that will deal with the following areas:

  • Break-away group 1: Senior Management Service, Human Resource Planning and Integrated Financial Management Services
  • Break-away group 2: Human Resource Development, Employee Health and Wellness and Diversity Management


Representatives from national departments, provincial administrations and government components. National departments, provincial administrations and government components are for practical reasons restricted to one delegate per break away group.


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