Strategy workshop on the implementation of learnerships in the public service

Fast-tracking learnership implementation in the Public Service

Date: 26 Sep 2008

Venue: Manhattan Hotel Pretoria

A key thrust of the Human Resources Development Strategic Framework for the Public Service Vision 2015 is the establishment of effective systems, processes and structures to promote, and coordinate implementation, and to monitor and evaluate Learnership Programmes in the Public Service.

A significant number of Learnership Programmes have been implemented in departments. However, this has occurred in an uncoordinated way across the Public Service. It has been difficult to collect accurate information and data as to the successes, achievements, challenges and difficulties of implementing the Learnership Programmes in the Public Service.

Objectives of the workshop

The workshop objectives were to:

  • Afford departments, Sectors , Provinces and the SETAs an opportunity to interact on Learnership implementation strategies and policies within the Public Service
  • Share best practices and funding strategies
  • Develop a macro plan for the implementation of a public service Learnership Programme
  • Develop coordination, monitoring and reporting plan as part of the M & E process.


All HRD Managers and Practitioners responsible for Learnership in the following entities:

  • Government related SETAs
  • Offices of the Premier
  • National Departments
  • Provincial Departments


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