The HR forum: 2nd meeting of HRM&D steering committees with national departments and provincial administrations

Date: 4 Oct 2007

Venue: Burgers Park Hotel, Pretoria

Theme: Re-conceptualising human resource management for purposes of improved service delivery


Being the custodian of human resource management and development norms and standards for the Public Service nationally, the Branch: Human Resource Management and Development in the DPSA established a HR Learning Network to serve as a dedicated avenue for regular interaction and co-ordination with national departments and provincial administrations. The aim of the Learning Network is to-

  • discuss/interrogate new policy initiatives by the DPSA; the main reason being that the DPSA is currently involved in a number of new policy initiatives such as strengthening the human resource management function, the review of the SMS and the Single Public Service that should be shared with departments;
  • continuously support and build capacity of human resource managers through the sharing of information and best practice models as well as learning networks to improve service delivery;
  • capacitate human resource managers on current human resource developments that impact on service delivery in the Public Service; and
  • ensure that human resource managers in the Public Service have a complete understanding of Public Service human resource policies and are able to translate them into implementable departmental programmes.

To enhance the efficacy of the Learning Network the Branch: Human Resource Management and Development launched on 21 June 2007 a Steering Committee System that comprises of regular meetings between the constituent components in the Branch and national departments and provincial administrations to pursue the aforementioned aims in a more structured manner. The work done in these meetings, called Steering Committee meetings, will feed into an annual HR Forum meeting.


Plennary meeting

Break away group A - EPCM & SMS

Break away group B - HRD and HR Planning

Break away group C - Diversity Management & Employee Health & Wellness

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