The HR forum: 3rd meeting of the HRM&D steering committees with National departments and Provincial administrations

Human Resource Management in a Single Public Service

Date: 23 Jan 2008

Venue: Burgers Park Hotel, Pretoria


Being the custodian of human resource management and development norms and standards for the Public Service nationally, the Branch, Human Resource Management and Development in the DPSA established a HR Learning Network to serve as a dedicated avenue for regular interaction and co-ordination with national departments and provincial administrations. The aim of the Learning Network is to-

  • discuss/interrogate new policy initiatives by the DPSA, the main reason being that the DPSA is currently involved in a number of new policy initiatives such as strengthening the human resource management function, the review of the SMS and the Single Public Service that should be shared with departments;
  • continuously support and build capacity of human resource managers through the sharing of information and best practice models to improve service delivery;
  • capacitate human resource managers on current human resource developments that impact on service delivery in the Public Service, and
  • ensure that human resource managers in the Public Service have a complete understanding of Public Service human resource policies and that they are able to translate them into implementable departmental programmes.

To enhance the efficacy of the Learning Network the Branch, Human Resource Management and Development launched on 21 June 2007 a Steering Committee System that comprises of regular meetings between the constituent components in the Branch and national departments and provincial administrations to pursue the aforementioned aims in a more structured manner. The work done in these meetings, called Steering Committee meetings, will feed into an annual HR Forum meeting


Plenary meeting

Break away Group A- EPCM & SMS

Break away Group B- HRD & HRP

Break away Group C- EHW & DM

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