Knowledge management workshop

Learning from each other to improve productivity

Date: 2 Mar 2009

Venue: Emperor's Palace, Boksburg, Gauteng Province


In strengthening the notion of the Learning Organisation within the Public Service, a number of learning platforms have been established. One of them is Knowledge Management (KM) learning network.

In 2008, February, a successful KM learning network was organised by the dpsa with the aim of promoting KM within the Public Service. As a follow-up on the resolutions taken during this event and to further pave way for years ahead, a workshop is organised to take place on 2 March 2009.


The workshop is aimed at:

  • Sharing practical tools and techniques to improve knowledge management (KM) in the Public Service;
  • Enriching the production and creation of KM learning products and platforms;
  • Reflecting on the resolutions of the previous KM learning network that took place in February 2008; and
  • Adopting a way forward for 2009 and beyond on how to take KM in the Public Service to the higher level.

Targeted Audience

  • KM practitioners from the Public Service
  • KM managers from the Public Service
  • Service delivery practitioners from the Public Service


One of the challenges in the Public Service is an in-depth understanding and implementation of Knowledge Management. The workshop, as indicated above, is aimed at discussing how to take KM to higher levels by identifying and addressing the blockages, while also learning from each other.


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