6th Batho Pele learning network

Batho Pele 1997-2007: A reflection on the implementation of Batho Pele for Improved Service Delivery

Date: 9 Oct 2007 - 11 Oct 2007

Venue: Klein Kariba (Warmbaths) in Limpopo Province


The Batho Pele Learning Network (BPLN) is a learning platform that promotes sharing and exchanging of experiences and lessons that are aimed at improving service delivery through the implementation of the White Paper on Transforming Public Service Delivery of 1997 (Batho Pele). The BPLN was launched in 2003 by the Department of Public Service and Administration (dpsa) to build a "learning culture" within the public service, whereby successes are celebrated, lessons learnt are shared and service delivery challenges are discussed with a view of finding a common solution.

To date, the BPLN has generated interest in the public service and has become an appropriate platform to share and exchange experiences, including best practices as well as lessons learnt from those experiences, touching on issues relating to the promotion and implementation of Batho Pele. Some Provinces such as Limpopo, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal have already established the Provincial Batho Pele Learning Networks and hosted their sessions as a way of provincially supporting and sustaining the culture of learning.


The objectives of the 2007 BPLN are to:

  • Consolidate the model for the sharing of experiences and lessons on Batho Pele initiatives/ programmes;
  • Deepen the understanding of different Batho Pele related initiatives in government, and how best to coordinate and integrate various related and similar efforts;
  • Take stock of and reflect on successes, lessons and challenges of Batho Pele since the introduction of the White Paper on Transforming Public Service Delivery of 1997;
  • Acknowledge challenges that government is facing in making Batho Pele a reality; and
  • Consolidate government's understanding of the impact of service delivery transformation initiatives to service beneficiaries.

Methodology And Approach

Existing studies, research and other important writings relating to people-centric service delivery in the public service and citizen satisfaction surveys will be sourced from both the private and public sectors including the Public Service Commission (PSC), Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), Community-based organisations (CBOs), etc.

Case studies will be requested to showcase good initiatives that have yielded a positive impact to service beneficiaries from all spheres of government for the purpose of sharing and learning from each other.

Platforms will be availed in the form of "commissions" that will allow for the interrogation of challenges, in order to get prospective resolutions to those challenges.

Public participation will be the highlight of the occasion through presentations by NGO and CBO partners on the citizens' perspectives on how the government is doing with regards to service delivery. Public will be participating for the first time in this annual event. This is in line with government's drive for wider consultation and citizens' participation in service delivery.

In line with the objectives of the Single Public Service initiative, the dpsa is already infusing Batho Pele in Local Government through various platforms including the BPLN. The dpsa will further use the forthcoming BPLN to include more Local Government stakeholders from various Provinces, including the South African Local Government Association (SALGA).

The information gathered will provide a knowledge base for future planning to improve the implementation of Batho Pele on the ground.

Target Group

  • The target number of participants is 500 that will be drawn from the following organisations, in order to ensure that there is robust engagement, knowledge exchange and support:
  • The public service (all three spheres of government);
  • NGOs and CBOs to represent the citizens;
  • Organisations with interest in public service delivery like SALGA, NDA; and
  • Private sector partners.


The White Paper on Transforming Public Service Delivery was introduced in 1997. Since it is 10 years of Batho Pele in 2007, the need to take stock of and reflect on government's successes, lessons and challenges on the implementation of Batho Pele is important.

It is envisaged that robust engagement and discussions during the "commissions" will provide prospective and objective resolutions to the challenges that are facing government.

Public participation will be the main highlight of the occasion since this will be happening for the first time in BPLN. This approach is important to strike a balance between supply and demand.

All these initiatives are put together to make sure that Batho Pele becomes an effective tool for government to provide a better life for all South Africans by putting people first, in real.


Day 1

Programme Director: Kgatliso Hamilton, DPSA

Day 2

Programme Director: Ms Rachel Modipa, Office of the Premier, Limpopo

Day 3

Programme Director: Ms M Malele, Department of Education, Limpopo

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