Batho Pele learning network

Date: 29 Nov 2004 - 30 Nov 2004

Venue: Ceasers Palace


One of the challenges facing government departments is to accelerate service delivery usingthe spirit and principles of Batho Pele. There are a number of initiatives that variousgovernment departments at national and provincial levels have embarked on to implementBatho Pele. To date there exists no platform to share and exchange experiences and lessonson Batho Pele. It is against that background that DPSA’s Service Delivery ImprovementBranch has identified the need to hold and launch a learning network on Batho Pele.Purpose and ObjectivesThe purpose and objectives of the learning workshop is to provide a platform for those inservice delivery:

  • To explore and reach an understanding on the meaning of Batho Pele and its importance in the business of government, particularly service delivery
  • To understand government's various initiatives and programmes to make Batho Pele work
  • To showcase government's efforts to put people first in service delivery
  • To share and learn from each other based on practical experiences in implementing Batho Pele on the ground


Programme Directors: Mr. Corrie Smith and Ms Thuli Radebe

Last update: 31 August 2011

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