Aids indaba

Date: 22 Oct 2001 - 23 Oct 2001

Venue: Kopanong Conference Centre, Benoni

Purpose of the Indaba

  • To share information on the work that is being done within Governmentgenerally and within the DPSA and Action projects specifically around themanagement of HIV/AIDS in the workplace.
  • To learn from the experiences of other employers and experts on high impactand cost effective strategies to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on membersof staff.
  • To prompt innovative thinking on strategies that can be employed by thedepartments collectively and individually to minimise the impact of HIV/AIDSon service delivery, service benefits and on public servants and their families.


The conference was chaired by Mr Sipho Mabusela of Metropolitan Group. In hisopening and welcoming remarks he emphasised the need for all businesscorporations to come together and support government as an employer to combat HIV/AIDS. That without public servants, our businesses will be robbed of quality service delivery.

HIV/AIDS is one key business threat to our economy therefore, we need to cometogether and forge partnerships to put meaningful interventions on this threat. This is not about marketing or profit but true patriotism in realising our democracybeing threatened by the scourge.

DPSA and government at large need our support more than ever, especially asthe largest employer. DPSA has launched the Impact and Action Project on HIV/AIDS in the Public service. The project is over 20 months, and is yielding some results. Within the Project, there are several multi-departmental Task Teams with expert consultants on each.

The breakaway groups reflect on the work that has been done by these TaskTeams from January-September 2001. There was a breakaway session where three workgroups discussed and cameout with recommendations on the way forward on three focus areas as set out bythe DPSA's AIDS Task Team in the form of documents and presentations. Thefocus areas were as follows:

  1. Workplace Policy Framework
  2. Conditions of Service
  3. Capacity Building and Support

The mandate of these workgroups was to (I) discuss the work that the task teamdid so far (ii) analyse and make recommendations on the way forward and thebest means for maximum delivery (iii) share ideas, knowledge and experiencesregarding workplace perspectives.


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