Launching of the National Service Delivery and Organisational Transformation (NSDOT) steering committee

Date: 30 Mar 2011

Venue: Birchwood hotel ,Boksburg


To launch a sustainable National SDOT steering committees service aimed at enhancing and institutionalizing the culture of learning and sharing of best practices towards continuous service delivery improvement within the public service.


The continued service delivery backlogs and challenges saw the government introducing the outcome based approach in planning its work with a view to deliver services better and faster through continuous and sustainable improvements across the three spheres.

The establishment of the National SERVICE DELIVERY AND ORGANISATIONAL TRANSFORMATION (NSDOT) committee seeks to respond to the urgent need to strengthen the co-ordination, facilitation and fast-tracking of service delivery implementation and improvement within the public service.

Expected outcome

The NSDOT Steering Committee formed, is envisaged to provide a mechanism will institutionalise co-ordination, facilitation and collaboration of service delivery and organisational transformation initiatives across the public service.


Last update: 12 April 2011

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