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Human Resource Development Documents

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7 February 2019Directive on the application of minimum requirements for the appointment into entry level posts in the public service
22 May 2018 Implementation of the revised directive on developmental programmes in the public service
17 January 2017ITEC Civilian Training Brochure 2016-2017

This training is offered by the Indian High Commission to the South African Public Service employees for free, as part of the India-South Africa Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC).

The Terms and Conditions of the programme are available at the Link: https://www.itecgoi.in/terms_and_conditions.php

Please note: none of the ITEC courses are paid for by the individual all courses are scholarship!

Applications are done online, at www.itecgoi.in,


  1. Click Apply for ITEC
  2. Apply Now
  3. Select Course, and fill in application form. (Please do not click Secretariat, Leave it Blank.)
  4. Once you complete and authenticate your candidature, print form, Sign the undertaking, The nomination page should be signed and stamped by employer and the medical report should be filled, signed and stamped by the Doctor

23 November 2016Annual reporting template for implementation of internship, learnership and apprenticeship in the Public Service
11 August 2016Template for the Submission of the Criteria for Recognition of Improved Qualifications
14 July 2016Submission of relevant lists of qualificattions as per Resolution 5 of 2014 of the GPSSBC
1 March 2016Annual reporting template for Implementation of Internship, Learnership and Apprenticeship in the Public Service
  • Annual reporting template
17 July 2015Implementation of compulsory induction programme 2015
14 August 2015Implementation of clause 7 of Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council 1 of 2012: Recognition of improved qualifications
23 April 2014Annual Human Resource Development Performance report for 2011/2012
14 August 2013Guidelines on the Interpretation of HR Connect and Utilisation of Skills Audit (HR Connect) Outcomes to inform HRD Interventions in the Public Service
10 April 2013Implementation of the directive on utilisation of training budgets in the Public Service
14 March 2013Monitoring questionnaire for the Human Resource Development (HRD) Strategic Framework for the public service (Reporting Period 2011-12)
26 July 2010Implementation of the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation / Special Commonwealth Africa Assistance Programme (ITEC/SCAAP)
6 May 2010Request for submission of HRD Implementation Plans, HRD reports and Annual internship reports

Note: This template was removed, see the entry dated 14 march 2013 for an update on this entry

  • Template: Annual HRD Implementation Plan Template (to be used for signing off and submission purposes) [Word format] [REMOVED]
  • Monitoring and reporting tool
  • Annexure C: Internship reporting template
7 December 2009Implementation of Internship programme in the Public Service
25 November 2009Monitoring and reporting tool for the Human Resource Development Strategic Framework
15 December 2008Implementation of the policy and procedure on revolving door enablers
5 March 2008The implementation of the massified induction programme
16 January 2008Human Resource Development for the Public Service

3 May 2006Determination on Conditions of Service of interns and learners in the Public Service

Note: Also see Conditions of service documents, circular "Issues emanating from the implementation of PSCBC resolution 1 of 2007", dated 8 July 2008
27 March 2006Conversion table for RVQ to NQF

The Public Service internship programme, step by step guide

Internship is a public service graduate work experience programme targeting unemployed graduates. Internship gives students workplace experience or an opportunity to practice the work skills that they have studied and will practice in future.

  • Guide
  • The Public Service mentorship programme, step by step guide

    Mentoring underpins skills development for service delivery and transformation in the public sector. Specifically, the purpose of a mentorship is to equip the protégé with the necessary abilities to cope with new demands, whilst creating an environment where they are free to practice and demonstrate their newly learnt abilities.

  • Guide

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