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  SDR Vol 10 No 2

  Salaries and benefits in the Public Service for levels 1 to 12

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Agricultural related and support

CORE Code: 00817

Implementation Date: 1 July 1999

General Scope of Service Delivery:
This CORE is a guide in respect of personnel employed to provide work outputs in the following areas of service delivery,

  • Agriculture-Technical Product Support and Control
  • Analysis of spirits and wines with a view to quality control
  • Cleaning services
  • Computerisation of systems and data banks of an agricultural scientific nature
  • Controlling and prevention of  animal diseases
  • Control, promote and conduct nature conservation research
  • Controlling and prevention of quarantine pests
  • Creation, of data bank for agricultural research
  • Controlling sanitation standards for plants, animals (& products)
  • Development of communities (Including farming communities)
  • Determining health, fiscal and genetical characteristic seed & plant 
  • Develop nature conservation policies and measures
  • Efficiently manage and maintain livestock improvement schemes
  • Examination of plants, reproduction materials and agricultural products
  • Farm Management
  • Farming activities
  • Forests Research and Maintenance
  • Forestry plantations
  • Formulation of policies, planning and running promotion of forestry
  • Gardening and ground maintenance
  • Horticulture
  • Keeping of standardised germ-plasma bank
  • Livestock Inspections
  • Livestock Improvement
  • Maintenance of a data base, meat inspection and hygiene
  • Meat Inspections
  • Nature Conservation and Research
  • Operation of automated documentation for research information
  • Plant and Quality Technical Support
  • Propagation of participation in schemes by breeders 
  • Research on facets of stock diseases and the releasing of findings
  • Research on facets of animal diseases with research veterinarian
  • Resource Conservation
  • Rendering of assistance to management (professional) 
  • Rendering and promoting of animal health service,
  • Rendering of public health services -  in abattoirs
  • Specialized support tasks various fields of work
  • Vaccine Preparation
  • Veterinary  Technical Support
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