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  SDR Vol 10 No 2

  Salaries and benefits in the Public Service for levels 1 to 12

  Anti-corruption - virtual social discussion forum

African Peer Review Mechanism - APRM

Second report on the implementation of South Africa's APRM programme of action

DPSA Service Delivery Spatial Portal


The spatial portal provides public service and associated data in a geographical context. The aim is to enhance coordinated planning across departments, to facilitate the monitoring of service delivery and to make information about public services available to everyone.

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   New postings

24 Mar Resettlement expenditure: New school books, uniforms and related costs
20 Mar Vacancy circular no. 11 of 2015
20 Mar Directive on the implementation of competency based assessments for members of the SMS
20 Mar SMS Competency Framework
16 Mar Change Management Strategy Framework
27 Feb Amendments to taxation with effect from 1 March 2015: Updated Models to structure Cost-To-Employer (TCE) packages
11 Feb PSCBC Resolution 1 of 2015: Agreement on the review and impact of existing outsourcing and agentisation practices within the public service & conducting an independant impact study on the principles of decent work
9 Feb Reminders: Submission of the reports on the implementation of the policy and procedures on the management of sexual harassment in the public service
4 Feb Annual revision of subsistence and camping allowances
26 Jan Adjustment of the Determination and Directive on working time: 2014
26 Jan Adjustment of the allowances and tarrifs contained in the Financial manual for the purposes of the calculation and application of allowances and benefits

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