SPEECHES: Remarks by The Minister for The Public Service and Administration, Hon. A.F Muthambi, (Mp) During the Year End Function at Evuxakeni Hospital, Giyani, Limpopo Province

Date: 27 Dec 2017

Programme Director

The MEC of Health in Limpopo Province, Hon. Phophi Ramathuba

Member of Parliament, Hon. Cate Bilankulu

The Executive Mayor of Mopani District Municipality, Cllr. N Ragoale

The Mayor of Greater Giyani Municipality, Cllr. N. Mathebulai

The Speaker of Greater Giyani Municipality, Cllr. P Hlungwani

ANC Regional Secretary, Cde Basikopo Makumu

Cosatu Local Secretary, Cde David Ngoveni

Mopani Secretary of Denosa, Ms Winnie Vongani


Traditional Leaders

The Chairperson of the Hospital Board, Mr STJ Sibanda

The Board Members of the Hospital

The CEO, Ms T W Mavundza

Management and staff of Evuxakeni Hospital

Government officials from all spheres of Government

Our Mental Health Care Users

Our sponsors and

Members of the Community

Members of the Media



Once more, we are here to spend this day with the Evuxakeni Hospital and its Mental Health Care Users together with the community and our partners. I am always delighted to be here on this annual year-end function as a gesture of goodwill. We are here to reaffirm our commitment to the course of building a caring society which is inspired by an old African adage, I am because We are - Munhu I Munhu hi Vanhu. The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa which was adopted in 1996 talks about South Africa that belongs to all who live in it, black and white which is of course informed by the Freedom Charter as (adopted 26 June 1955) in Kliptown. Ours remains the restoration of the dignity of the people.


The year 2017 is coming to an end; the year of Oliver Reginald Tambo, the longest serving President of the African National Congress (ANC) who served in the leadership positions of the ANC both inside and outside the country with distinction. I still have good memories of how this greatest leader of the people was celebrated and remembered throughout this year and across the breadth and the width of the country. I want to mention that the best way to celebrate the life and times of this leader, O.R. Tambo is to take care of our own. By coming together in the manner we are doing, is the best way to emulate his leadership. He was the greatest gift and inspiration to all of us. He was loving and caring as we should and were are. As part of honouring O.R. Tambo, I want to appeal to the hospital and community to engage in public awareness about the plight of these mental health care users so that the community can know how to approach matters as far as the well-being of these people is concerned.

Since the year 2014, when we adopted this hospital, we have never relented or lost sight of the hospital. We have made some undertakings to try to improve the lives of our people for the better and we have kept the promise. We continue to work hard to try to build a better life for all. We are forever grateful for the stakeholders that are responding positively to our endeavours. Let me also take this opportunity to appreciate and acknowledge the contribution made by the staff in the Ministry for Public Service and Administration towards the success of this event. These colleagues went to an extent of donating money from their own pockets for the purpose of this event. I must also use this opportunity and thank the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Argon Asset Management, Mr Mothobi Seseli, who made monetary donations towards the gifts we are giving.

I also want to extend our appreciation to Ms Zodwa Mona of Nwamulaleni catering, who gave us the tent which we are using using today, and for making monetary contributions towards the event.

These are the kind of business people we need in our communities, who are able to think about the needs of the people who are in need.

The central theme that reverberate through all the government work under the leadership of His Excellency President Jacob Zuma is that of taking care of our people, especially people with specialised needs, and this find expression in the Batho Pele Principles as championed by my department of Public Service and Administration. Everywhere I go and everything I say it must be about the eight principles of Batho Pele which are geared towards bringing services to our people through consultation, service standards, access, courtesy, information, openness & transparency, redress and value for money.


What I am doing here today is my gift of love and appreciation of who you are and what you mean to our beloved South Africa. In the past three years I celebrated the New Year’s Eve and held year-end functions with some of you and the nursing staff. I made a pledge that I will donate some TV sets, Sport Kit, PA system, Library books, recording Company for Mr Shingange.

In relation to the specific progress made thus far, the project team managed to achieve and realised some of the commitments and the remainder are receiving the urgent attention of the Ministry. The promises made are the following:

  • Television sets

Two television sets were handed over to the hospital and the remainder are being sourced from sponsors.

  • Sport kits

The hospital was given 6 soccer balls and 10 aprons as sponsorship for the Sport apparel and balls. You will be updated about the developments in due course in regard to the remainder of the kits.

  • PA System

Donations for the PA system have being sourced after having received a quotation from the hospital.

  • Library and books

Books have been delivered and awaiting the donor to assist with the establishment of a mobile Library.

  • Recording deal for Mr Shingange

The matter is awaiting a date in which Mr Shingange will be booked at the 999 studios for the recording purposes.

  • Identification of lost relatives for some patients

The Department of Health together with the hospital need to address this challenge in conjunction with relevant authorities.

  • Sewage system

The matter is being dealt with in conjuction with the local municipality.

  • Funding proposal for the upgrading of the hospital

The application for funding has been submitted to the National Lotteries Board for consideration and further processing.


In conclusion, I want to repeat what I said at the beginning and throughout my speech that I am always delighted to be here with you to celebrate whilst at the same time we take stock of what we have achieved thus far. We forge ahead in building a caring society obviously influenced by the founding principles that are enshrined in the Freedom Charter and Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (as adopted in 1996) that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white. We are deliberately doing this in an attempt to emulate the work of one of the brightest son of the movement and the country, Oliver Reginald Tambo. Let us welcome the new year with more determination to take care of our own. I hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and would like to wish you a prosperous new year. We are urging you to take care of yourselves during this period , and remember not to drink and drive.


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