SPEECHES: Remarks by The Minister for The Public Service and Administration Ms. Faith Muthambi, MP, At the DPSA Long Service Awards and Staff Consultative Meeting

Date: 12 Dec 2017




Acting Director-General Mr Willie Vukela


Our distinguished guests, Long Service Awards Recipients

We are gathered here to celebrate and acknowledge public servants who have selflessly made the Public Service their employer of choice. We are here to acknowledge and appreciate public servants who, some over 10 years, some over 20 years and amazing 30 years, have dedicated their career to service delivery.

As the Ministry for the Public Service and Administration, we are custodians of the Public Service in South Africa as entrusted by the Constitution. This country needs a Public Service that is developmental, caring and progressive. We are guided by the National Development Plan (NDP) to build a Public Service that is supports a capable and developmental state. The NDP complements our constitutional imperative to create a public administration that is professional, responsive capable and responsible.

As the Ministry for the Public Service and Administration, we are committed to building a caring public administration that recognises and acknowledges the contribution of public servants to the ideal Public Service we aspire to attain. We are creating a conducive working environment that would make public servants to feel a sense of belonging and choose the Public Service as their employer of choice.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Today’s recipients of the Long Service Awards are a testimony that indeed we are making headway in retaining the many public servants who have institutional memory from beyond the birth of our democratic dispensation.

In our midst, we have the likes of Mr Leon Pretorius, Ms Faith Kasankola and Mr Marcel Wilson who have been in the Public Service for 30 years. I am definitely some of the youngsters in the Department were not even born when these dedicated public servants began their careers in the public service.

We then have another set of public servants, led by the Acting Director-General Mr Willie Vukela, Ms Brenda Hendricks, Mr Sam Ntshangase, Ms Mmapula Kotsokoane, who have dedicated 20 years of their career to the Public Service.

Then there are those who have served 10 years of unbroken service who include Ms Anna Molope, Ms Sharon Muthaki, Dr Patrick Sokhela and others who you will see when they come to collect their recognition certificates.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are indeed humbled that these recipients have committed so many years of their careers to the Public Service. It is my wish that they will remain in the employ of the Public Service until they reach retirement age.

To the young public servants, you need not look any further than the colleagues we shall be honoring today. They represent of an epitome of loyalty, commitment and dedication to serving the people of South Africa.

Today’s event also provides us with the opportunity to reflect on our performance as public servants. I am certain that if we ask the recipients of these Long Service Awards, they each have a story to tell about how the Public Service has evolved throughout the years. And I am also certain that the one thing they would unanimously agree upon, is that since the advent of our democratic dispensation, government focus has been to fast track the implementation of efforts towards providing quality service to our people. We dare not fail the people of our beloved country.

In conclusion:

We congratulate the recipients of the Long Service Awards and we hope your milestone will be an inspiration to future generation of public servants who will strive towards the ideal Public Service we want to achieve.

As we celebrate the centenary of former ANC President Oliver Reginald Tambo this year, we take this opportunity to call upon public servants to emulate to emulate his values of service, humility and passion he had for this country.

To our recipients today, you have lived true to the Batho Pele Value Statement - We Belong, We Care, We Serve.

Festive season meeting:

I am sure we are all feeling the mood of the festive season is already prevailing and when we leave from this event, I urge you to enjoy yourselves in a responsible manner and within the ambits of the law.

I therefore wish you and your families a happy and safe festive season.

I thank you.

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