MEDIA STATEMENTS: Min Muthambi to fly SA flag in the World Communication Forum

Date: 8 Jun 2017

The nomination of Public Service and Administration Minister, Faith Muthambi to serve at the World Communication Forum’s (WCF) Programme Board for 2018 will make South Africa to remain an influential member in the global communication space.

The world renowned communication forum recently announced that for the next calendar year, the WCF will be led by 27 communication professionals representing 20 countries all over the world including South Africa, Russia, India, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, turkey, the USA, Brazil, Armenia, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom and Holland.

Upon receiving the good news from the WCF, Minister Muthambi said: “I am welcoming the nomination…I am equally delighted and ready to serve the people of the world. Indeed, I will make sure that South Africa continue to add value in the global communication space. This never came as a shock to me because I know that I am one of the hard working Ministers.”

In the past two years, Muthambi served as the co-chairperson of the WCF.

WCF Davos Founder and Content Director, Yanina Dubeykovskaya said: “We can now clearly and unambiguously declare that, today, communication has become a key driver of human development and humanity itself-intangible and non-material, communication is the very resource that contains a true potential for positive future changes.

“As a global community, WCF is responsible for formation of the Global communication Agenda; Development integrated state communications such as country branding, offering win-win solutions to all types of conflicts; turning crises into opportunities and finding a spokesperson for humanity, to mention but a few.”

The WCF aims to contribute actively to the development of the modern public communications worldwide.

The other aims of the WCF is to unite trend-makers and influencers from the global communications elite and provide a platform for discussion focused on the future development of communications and their role in business, society and politics; to provoke in-depth analysis of the form and content of interaction between business, media, and society, on the one hand, and the state on the other.

According to Dubeykovskaya, what all communicators needed today is a global network for distributing best practices achieved in crisis communications or change/reputation management and useful strategies applied in investor relations, employee motivation and government lobbying.

“Equally necessary is to foresee the upcoming communication trends and secure a successful method for analysing the key problems, finding solutions and offering best tools which could serve top-managers in their decision-making or daily professional tasks and, through the exchange of ideas and opinions, help them improve their own corporate and social efficiency,” she said.

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