MEDIA STATEMENTS: Govt making strides in mainstreaming of gender equality, but more still needs to be done

Date: 24 May 2017

Public Service and Administration Minister, Faith Muthambi says a significant progress has been made in ensuring equity in terms of race and gender, but more still need to be done in achieving the disability equality target of 2%.

Muthambi made the announcement when tabling her budget vote speech in the Old National Assembly Chamber in Parliament on Wednesday.

“To advance this target, we will seek active partnerships with organisations operating in the disability sector, particularly the civil society and the Labour movement in line with the Disabled people South Africa Motto Nothing About Us, Without Us,” she said.

“These efforts will be complemented by the recommendations of the Portfolio Committee that the Public service communication conducts a follow up study to determine factors impending government departments in achieving 2% of people with disabilities and 50% of women in senior management in the public service and make proposals for improvement.

“Without meeting these targets, our agenda for a radical economic transformation and inclusive growth are under serious threat,” said Muthambi, adding that “as we conduct this analysis and head count and determine where and at what level are women and people with disabilities located, we will also pose the fundamental question of whether our Department and the public service is appropriately wired and designed to meet the department’s specific mandate and our urgent objective for a radical socioeconomic transformation.

‘In doing this we also continue with the ongoing engagements we have had with all our unions and stakeholders so that we may ensure a smooth and progressive process of capacitating the public service, whilst also taking on board the concerns of labour, stakeholders and our citizens to whom we owe our very existence.”

In the 2016/17 financial year, the Public Service Commission (PSC) finalised 80% of the 651 grievances and 77%of the 355 complaints lodged with it and made recommendations to executive authorities.

Most of the outstanding cases were received in March this year (2017).

The primary function of the PSC is to scrutinise the financial disclosure forms received and advice Executive Authorities on the prevalence of potential and actual conflicts of interest.

The PSC will scrutinise 100% of all submitted financial disclosure forms and will extend its focus from partnerships and properties to the acceptance of gifts. It will also conduct public administration investigations into complaints lodged with it.

Apart from the hosting of departmental workshops on professional ethics, the PSC will also hosts an event in partnership with the Moral Regeneration Movement on building an ethical public services.

The Commission will continue its programme of inspections of service delivery sites.

The purpose of inspections is to evaluate service delivery from the perspective of citizens and identify service delivery challenges that can be addressed immediately,” Muthambi concluded.

The Minister allocated the amount of R456 919 million to the Department of Public Service and Administration.

The amount of R245 664 million goes to the Public Service Commission and R160 506 millions was allocated to the National School of Government, whilst R34 055 million the Centre for Public Service Innovation.


For more information contact Departmental Spokesperson Dumisani Nkwamba @ 082 885 9448.

Issued by GCIS on behalf of the Ministry of Public Service and Administration

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