DPSA IN THE MEDIA: SMS conference gets under way

Date: 22 Sep 2011

The Senior Management Service (SMS) got underway today at Velmore hotel and will continue until tomorrow. This year's conference is held under the theme: Transformative leadership in Public Administration and Governance: Creating a better future for all

The purpose of the conference is to open a dialogue for sharing best practices to find solutions, while promoting Knowledge Management practices and strengthen efficient, effective and development-oriented public service.

The SMS Conference is taking place during the Public Service Week (PSW). This conference is strategic in institutionalising Batho Pele implementation and improve delivery of public services. PSW is an integral part of the Batho Pele Revitilisation strategy which seeks to instil and rebuild good ethics, morale and pride in public servants' endeavours to translate the people's contract into reality through the provision of quality services that respond to the needs of the citizens.

The Minister for Public Service and Administration further declared the month of September as Public Service Month which will cover various strategic programmes across the public service, including:

  • GovTech Conference which took place from 11-14 September 2011;
  • PSW taking place from 19-23 September 2011 (inclusive of SMS conference); and
  • Public Service Trainers Forum which is taking place from 26-30 September 2011.

The expected outcomes of the conference are to:

  • Strengthened and promoted transformative leadership in public administration and governance;
  • Enhanced knowledge management practices; and
  • Renewed inspirations and commitment to deliver sustainable quality services to all South Africans.

Zingisile Mapazi

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