MEDIA STATEMENTS: DPSA urges government departments to fast-track processes of pension pay-outs as per the law

Date: 11 Jul 2016

Government wants to reiterate its commitment to upholding set timeframes for the processing of termination of service of employees exiting the public service as well as pension pay-outs.

The Department of Public Service and Administration has noted the Report by the Public Service Commission on the matter, and the finding that challenges in pension pay-outs are not necessarily widespread. The DPSA agrees with the Commission that this finding notwithstanding, failure by any department to timeously complete and submit all the documents that are required to process the pension pay-out of an employee is unacceptable

The Director-General, Mr Mashwahle Diphofa says "Every Government department is expected to timeously manage the process that leads to an employee exiting employment and ensuring that the Government Employee Pension Fund (GEPF) is provided with all the correctly-filled documents.

To this effect, the DPSA will work with the Public Service Commission, the Government Pensions Administration Agency and the rest of the Public Service to facilitate the implementation of the recommendations contained in the Commission's Report.

"We strongly urge Human Resource units in Departments to identify all employees who will reach retirement age within the next 12 months and to start engaging these employees on the processes involved. In this regard, Departments should explain to the employees the applicable benefits that they will be entitled to at retirement - leave pay, post-retirement medical subsidy, gratuity and monthly annuity; and issue the necessary forms that the employee is required to complete, at least six months before retirement", said the Director-General.

Employees who are struggling to receive their pensions payouts should consult their individual departments to check if their documents are submitted to the Government Pensions Administration Agency as per the timeframes set out in the law.

Issued by the Department of Public Service and Administration

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