Address by the Minister for the Public Service and Administration, Mr. Masenyani Richard Baloyi, at 10th anniversary of the GITO council, Magaliesburg

Date: 14 Aug 2011

The Programme Director

The GITO Council Chairperson, Mr Julius Segole

The Business Executive: IT Audits, Office of the Auditor-General of South Africa

The Chairperson and Members of the GITO Council

Former Chairpersons and Members of the GITO Council

Chief Executive Officer of SITA

Ours sponsors - Vodacom, MTN

CIOs and IT Managers in Government

Captains of industry

Ladies and Gentlemen

Thobela, Ndimadekwane, Dumelang, Good evening, goeie naand, molweni.

It is my pleasure to be part of this important occasion of the 10th anniversary of the GITO Council. The importance of this occasion lies in the fact that the GITO Council continues to be both the advocate for and the agent of change in Information Technology mainstreaming, strategic location and coordination as well as IT quality enhancement.

As the GITOC celebrates its 10 years of existence, we can take pride that we did not fold our arms and watch as ICT evolved and transformed itself, and we will be owing no one an apology that the GITO Council occupied its rightful place in the coordination of Government's IT needs.

We ensured that we have properly constituted ICT functions with the establishment of the GITO function, the setting up of ICT Steering Committees to provide direction and drive the way ICT influences our business processes and fosters strategic alignment of ICT strategy to business strategy through Master System Plans (MSPs) and now Enterprise Architecture.

Today every Government Department has a GITO or Chief Information Officer position that has the responsibility of dealing with in-house IT coordination whilst linking with the broader GITO Community.

Ladies and gentlemen

Through the collaborated efforts of GITO Council we introduced and implemented frameworks, standards and policies such as the Minimum Interoperability Standards (MIOS), Minimum Information Security Standards (MISS) policy, the Government-Wide Enterprise Architecture (GWEA) framework, Free and open-source software (FOSS) policy, the adoption of COBIT governance framework, the promulgation of SITA regulations incorporating procurement regime for the whole of Government and consequently the establishment of transversal contracts with engagement models for the acquisitioning of goods and services from those contracts.

The list is not exhaustive and throughout the 10 years of its existence the Council has held the ICT centre together, ensuring that despite our tendency to work in silos, we do occasionally sing from the same sheet.

Notwithstanding these successes, the Public Service still has a long way to go with regard to the implementation of the adopted ICT Governance framework. The GITO Council still has to unpack this framework, simplify and customize it for our Government and develop implementation guidelines for all Government entities to gradually implement good governance policies and practices and attain high levels of maturity.

Ladies and gentlemen

As we celebrate ten years of the GITO Council, we know that we can only be complacent of our performance in the IT space to our own advantage.

It is for that reason that I remind all of us present here that we have to roll up our sleeves and deal with some priority projects that still demand of our actions, such as the following:

  • Completion of the SITA turn-around strategy;
  • Completion of the Government-wide ICT turn-around strategy;
  • Perfecting the troika marriage of the GITOC, SITA and the "OGCIO";
  • Realigning the coordination mechanism of the GITOC leadership with that of the OGCIO;
  • Locating the GITOC role in the Govtech Conference arrangements;
  • Providing clarity on GITOC-FOSAD interface;
  • Sustaining SA's ranking in the International Community of Information Technology;
  • Technology and Information Security Management;
  • Roll out of the IFMS;
  • Fight against corruption in the business.

    Today, as we celebrate 10 years of the existence of the GITO Council, I am aware that it has not been an easy decade for the Council and those it worked with. Although much has been achieved by men and women who have dedicated their time to the transformation of our society, I believe much more still needs to be done.

    For the journey thus far, I would like to take this opportunity to particularly thank all the CIO's who have served as chairpersons of the GITO Council and its various committees throughout the years. I am fully aware that it hasn't been easy to carry out your dual responsibilities both within the Council and in your respective Departments. You have shown us that it is in working together as one, we do achieve more, and I hope that your recognition today through the GITOC 10 Year Anniversary Awards will inspire many others in the Council to lead the Council gallantly.

    This being Women's month, I would err if I do not recognize the women who have provided sterling and exemplary leadership in their respective Government entities and the Council. I would like to mention the following women in particular:

    1. Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane - Former GITOC Chairperson and current Provincial GITO of North West;

    2. Soria Rouche - Former GITOC Deputy Chairperson, former Free State Provincial GITO and now with Palama;

    3. Nthabiseng Mosupye - CIO of Public Works and Chairperson of GITOC Open Source Software Standing Committee;

    4. Nthumeni Nengovhela - acting CIO of Defence and Chair of GITOC Information Security Standing Committee;

    5. Tshavhu Mukodobwane - Former CIO DPSA and former Chairperson of GITOC Projects Standing Committee and now with SITA;

    6. Sharon Thomas - Former Chairperson of the GITOC Governance Standing Committee and current Chairperson of IJS Board;

    7. Vuyo Menye - CIO Armscor and Deputy Chairperson of the Architecture Standing Committee;

    8. Brenda Molatlhegi - CIO of Dept Agriculture;

    9. Poppy Tshabalala - CIO of Dept of Trade and Industry;

    10. Tintshwalo Bamuza - CIO of Dept of Communications;

    11. Adrie Barkhuizen - CIO of Dept of Women, Children and People with Disabilities;

    12. Shireen Bansi - GITO of Dept of Justice;

    13. Refilwe Chite - CIO representative for Department of State Security;

    14. Sandra Reddy - CIO National Prosecuting Authority;

    15. And all the women in the DPSA-PSICTM, Lufuno, Irene, Tersia, Maria and many more.

    As the shining stars of Women Power and advancement in the GITO Council, I encourage you to inspire and mentor other women to attain if not surpass your achievements during the next decade in prospect.

    Malibongwe igama lamakhosikhazi!!!

    Good luck to all those who will be recognized tonight.

    I thank you for your attention.

    Richard Baloyi

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