DPSA IN THE MEDIA: 2014 GEMS Trustee elections

Date: 7 Apr 2014

The tenure of the following three current Member Trustees of the GEMS Board who were elected in 2011 expires on 27 July 2014:

    • Dr Andre Mark (Andre) Ferreira (not eligible for re-election),

    • Ms Johanna Christina (Christa) Brink (not eligible for re-election), and

    • Mr Jan Stephanus (Steve) Roux (eligible for re-election).

The registered Rules of GEMS provide that the business of the Scheme shall be managed by a Board consisting of twelve persons who are fit and proper to be Trustees. Six trustees are directly elected by GEMS principal members and six are appointed by the Minister for Public Service and Administration. To be elected as a trustee, a person must be a principal member of GEMS.

A trustee election for the three member trustees will take place between February and July 2014. The three candidates who receive the highest number of votes in the election process shall be appointed to hold office for a period of six years.

This letter is meant to inform you, the Principal Members, of the election process and the different steps that need to be followed in order to participate in the election.

The election process will be managed and supervised by The Elexions Agency. The Elexions Agency is an independent professional election administration and management service provider. They will uphold the independence of the process and ensure that the involvement of the Board of Trustees, the Management of GEMS and its appointed service providers is limited to an absolute minimum.

The Elexions Agency will also ensure the following:

    • That the election process is free and fair and without prejudice,

    • The election is conducted in keeping with the registered Rules of GEMS, and

    • The newly elected trustees are Principal Members of the Scheme who are in good standing.

In addition to the above, the Scheme has appointed an independent audit firm to oversee the elections as an additional safeguar d. The election results will only be valid if certified by the audit firm.

In keeping with the Medical Schemes Act and the Rules of GEMS, the Board of Trustees is responsible for the proper and sound management of the Scheme. Therefore, the persons elected to the Board must be fit and proper persons capable of holding and discharging an office of trust as contemplated in the Medical Schemes Act.

As the effective governing of the affairs of the Scheme depends on the strength and integrity of the Board, you are urged to participate in this election. By so doing, members contribute directly to the election of trustees who have the appropriate attributes to make sure that GEMS continues to live up to its vision of being: "An excellent, sustainable and effective medical scheme for all public service employees"

This is our fifth election since 2007 and we want to encourage members’ full participation in the election. To achieve this, you will be able to vote by either posting your ballot paper or to vote electronically or to vote at one of the GEMS regional member helpdesks.

Form more information visit the GEMS website:

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