MEDIA STATEMENTS: NCOP approves the Pubic Administration Management Bill – sending a strong message to corrupt public servants

Date: 7 Mar 2014

Cape Town, Parliament; March 4, 2014-The passing the Public Administration Management Bill (PAM BILL) by the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) has sent a clear message to corrupt public servants that corruption, mal-administration and unethical conduct will not be tolerated.

The Bill brings into realisation Chapter 10 of the Constitution which calls for uniform public service, high standard of professional ethics, efficient, economic and effective use of resources and transparency.

The Bill when signed into law will prohibit public servants from doing business with the State and also introduce penalties for non disclosure of business interest by public officials. " Today the State awards tenders and projects worth Billions to companies owned by public officials or companies where public officials are shareholders, this must come to an end, those Billions belong to real business people who run businesses full time" Sisulu said.

To fast track service delivery the Bill provides for easy movement of officials within the three spheres of Government after consultation with employees. The Bill also introduces the Office of Standards and Compliance to monitor the implementation of national public service standards. "Our public service across all spheres must have uniform standards, our people deserve the highest level of service delivery, and this office will monitor and enforce the standards" Sisulu said.

The Bill also introduces the National Disciplinary Unit which will support National, Provincial and Local Government to deal with disciplinary cases effectively. The unit will have trained prosecutors, charge drafters and investigators to ensure that cases are finalised as soon as possible.

The Bill affirms the establishment of the National School of Government which will focus on producing a new public servant who is committed to meet and exceed the expectations of the people.

The Bill will now proceeds to the National Assembly with the public hearing meeting scheduled for March 7, 2014 in Parliament. The Bill was passed by all seven provinces in the house but the Western Cape which judging by their irrelevant comments did not get the time to read the Bill before coming to plenary.

"The irony is that when the Western Cape finally stop kissing around they will realise they missed an opportunity to join all responsible political parties and provinces to send a message to all corrupt public servants that Corruption stops here" Minister said.

Issued by

Ndivhuwo Mabaya

Head of Communications


Date: 04 March 2014

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