DPSA IN THE MEDIA: [IOL] Public service in need of reform: Sisulu

Date: 3 Apr 2013

April 3 2013 at 02:27pm



Pretoria - The 2013 government leadership summit will seek ways of improving leadership in the public sector, Public Service and Administration Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said on Wednesday.

In her opening remarks to the summit, Sisulu told delegates the conference would be held in the form of a dialogue among government leaders from national, provincial, and local spheres.

"We have taken the liberty to invite key ministers to share with us from their own purview what they believe we have to do to realise our objectives of creating and driving a public service reform and building a capable state," she said.

"Oftentimes we articulate our frustration at the dysfunctionality of the state to the public. We have created this environment to talk directly to those who need to hear directly what we have to say, to share with them our concerns, frustrations, views on how we can do it differently and better."

The annual summit was attended by senior public servants and high-ranking government officials, including several ministers. Sisulu noted the need for re-motivating employees in the public service.

"This second decade (of democracy) will not close on a disgruntled citizenry and an unmotivated public service. We know you will reignite their commitment to provide professional, timely service with honesty and integrity," she said.

Acting President Kgalema Motlanthe told delegates that wasteful spending of government resources should end.

"We have to repeat the message that resource wastage cannot be tolerated. It would be important for the civil service to allocate resources according to policy priorities and ensure efficient spending and value for money," he said.

"As we sit here today our public administration is saddled with notable challenges that must be addressed with due haste," said Motlanthe.

He cited the diagnostic overview of the National Planning Commission which points out numerous problems with public sector performance.

"It (the overview) says addressing the uneven performance of the public service will therefore not be achieved through multiple initiatives, but rather through a focused and co-ordinated approach," Motlanthe said.

"Our key challenge then, in addition to inculcating a sense of mission and a deeper understanding of government in our civil service, is to come to terms with the nuts and bolts of the civil service machinery." - Sapa

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