DPSA IN THE MEDIA: Media coverage of the first Government leadership summit

Date: 8 Apr 2013

The majority of the media coverage on the leadership summit has unsurprisingly led with Minister Manuel's statement that the time for blaming apartheid is over and as such today's headlines read "No more excuses" and "Stop blaming apartheid" .

While on the surface the headlines might to be of a negative tone the overall coverage of the summit is a very balanced one.

Of important to note is that since the story broke Minister Manuel has come out on 702 to clarify his statement and give context to what exactly he meant.

The Times in its coverage of the summit quote Minister Manuel as saying the State must stop evading responsibility by blaming its failures on apartheid. "

We fail our people repeatedly. Nineteen years into democracy our government has run out of excuses," the Minister was further quoted. The article further touched on a number of issues raised by Minister Manuel, Deputy President Motlanthe and Minister Sisulu. These issues included the high turnover of Directors General. According to the article Minister Manuel said the high turn-over of the Directors General in the public service was worrying. "The average department had about four directors general in 10 years. This figure is even high at provincial level," said Minister Manuel.

In the same article Deputy President is said to have blamed the high turnover of directors general tensions between them and their political principals-ministers.

Lastly the same article quoted Minister Sisulu saying "We are looking at the legalities of on the interface between ourselves and law enforcement agencies. Today we will be in contact with the municipal manager from Mpumalanga who was found to have blatantly (stolen) money from the public purseā€¦.we will deal with that," said the Minister. The Minister's comment followed the Public Protector's remarks that she had been disappointed to discover recently that a municipal manager remained in his job despite being caught with his hand in the till.

While the Independent on Line (IOL)reports that "Public service in need of reform: Sisulu". It reports that the 2013 government leadership summit will seek ways of improving leadership in the public sector.

"In her opening remarks to the summit, Sisulu told delegates the conference would be held in the form of a dialogue among government leaders from national, provincial, and local spheres," added the article.

In all the media coverage of the summit while many media houses led with Minister Manuel's statement the message that is coming out of the summit is that of a need for civil servants to focus on improving the living conditions of South Africans.

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