Date.: 24 Apr 2013

Mr A J Williams (ANC) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

(1) How does she intend the initiative of the recent Government Leadership Summit (details furnished) to contribute to improved accountability and quality of service by public service employees;

(2) what learning and development strategy is in place to instil this new mindset in the public service cadre?



(1) We convened the first Government Leadership Summit on 3 April 2013 to:

  • provide a reflection of our common understanding and interpretation of the National Development Plan
  • We also wanted to reflect on challenges of compliance, accountability, service delivery quality that confronts the public servants
  • We wanted to benchmark with other international public service transformation projects
  • But to also remind ourselves of the obligations upon the public service for clean and accountable government, and appreciate the ethos of performance excellence and adherence to standards

At the end of the Summit we agreed with the senior management that our focus in improving accountability and the quality of service will be on the following priorities:

  1. Professionalising the Public Service
  2. Creating an environment that is conducive to work
  3. Reward for outstanding work
  4. Responsiveness to problems
  5. Compulsory training to instil a culture and ethos of accountability and responsibility
  6. Tough action against corruption
  7. Centralising certain disciplinary cases
  8. Swift justice to send a message
  9. Use of technology to harness efficiency
  10. Partnership with labour and the private sector
  11. Best practice of sharing
  12. Savings on funded vacant posts

(2) There is a compulsory induction programme already underway for 2012/13 first entrants to the public service. All public servants at all levels have been directed to go through the induction process. PALAMA is responsible for the programme.

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